February 2012

Tiffany Archer


Tiffany Archer is an attorney in Washington, DC, and an IFBB Figure Pro.  She has always been a fitness enthusiast and was drawn to athletics from an early age.  Although she played a number of sports while growing up, she settled on track & field, and went on to become a nationally ranked high jumper. After graduating from college, Tiffany’s passion for fitness continued to grow and she set her sights on entering a figure competition.

Managing her career as an attorney along with the training demands of a figure competitor is challenging, however, she is committed to a mantra that makes striking a balance manageable.  Tiffany refers to her mantra as the “three D’s”: (1) Dedication, (2) Discipline, and (3) Determination.  She applies her three D’s to whatever she chooses to do, and never lets up until she achieves her goal.  In the spring of 2011, her goal was to earn an IFBB pro card.  In April 2011, she competed in her first NPC competition and two months later, she earned her pro card at the NPC Junior National Championship.

Tiffany believes that having it all, whatever “it” may be, really is possible if you commit to pursuing your passions.  She finds joy in leading by example and is committed to inspiring and encouraging others to achieve their fitness goals.  She is grateful to have had the opportunity to be successful in her professional and competitive endeavors, and looks forward to returning to the stage in 2012.  For more information, send email to

Photography by OAMG  Photography


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  1. Valentine Kingsley says:

    She’s destined for big times.

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