Everything Is BIG In Texas!

KRAVE FIT recently had the pleasure of interviewing our upcoming cover model, 4x Natural Pro Body Builder Dewayne “The Texas Titan” Malone. He is already making (KRAVE) history by being the first Body Builder to ever get a KRAVE FIT cover! Join us as Dewayne talks about his background, training, competing, diet and the burn that is better than sex!

KRAVE FIT: Can you give us some background about yourself?

Dewayne: I was born and raised in Kansas City Kansas. I have been living in Houston, TX for the last ten years. I’m an entrepreneur with a personal training company called Against All Odds Fitness and a promoting company called Natural Promotions. I am a 4x Natural Pro Body Builder……. One of the best in the world!

KRAVE FIT: How did you hear about KRAVE FIT? How has the KRAVE FIT experience been?

DewayneI heard about KRAVE Fashion Magazine from a guy named Rick Tarango, so I sent them sh*t for two years and never got a response.  I finally got my response when  fitness model Jose Ortiz mentioned my name to the publishers of Krave Fit at his photo-shoot and the rest is history in the making. I’m not exactly sure about the experience yet, but I’m more than grateful for the opportunity. KRAVE FIT saw something in me and we are building a relationship in fitness.

KRAVE FIT: What got you started in bodybuilding?

Dewayne: I did my first bodybuilding show just to push myself and see the best shape that I could possibly get into. Since the age of 16, people always assumed that I competed…. but actually I did my first show at 28. I won my class then I won the overall. I thought it was beginners luck so I did another show to only get the same results at my 3rd try.  From then on, all I kept thinking was “ I’m gonna like this.”

KRAVE FIT: What is it about bodybuilding that you love so much?

DewayneThe challenge of being discipline and creating a new physique. It’s about pushing yourself to the limits and being in a whole different zone with pain. Have you ever seen Pumping Iron with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Arnold said the burning sensation of doing a set/reps is better than having an orgasm, he wasn’t lying!  It’s like a non stop orgasm…….better than sex. I love sex (I have 4 kids to prove it!), but there is nothing like the burn!

KRAVE FIT: What is the toughest part about bodybuilding for you?

DewayneThe toughest part is all the cardio,  it is very time consuming in my busy schedule. I do a lot of cardio because I eat a lot of carbs and fats while other bodybuilders do the opposite. Most bodybuilders do small amounts of cardio and eat very little carbs with extreme high protein and low fats. That’s ass backwards!!

KRAVE FIT: What adversities have you had to overcome?

Dewayne: I’ve had many! Honestly, everyone has problems that they deal with, but on stage…. the judges can care less about any of that. Your only options are to go hard or go home!  For example, last June my dad at age 57 had a heart attack and his 3rd triple bypass,  I was going through a separation and also had a tear in my patella tendon while I was making my MuscleMania Pro debut in one of the biggest Natural shows ever. I kept all my problems to myself and placed 3rd in the world!  Yeah,  I go hard……. no excuses!!

KRAVE FIT: What are your favorite and least favorite exercises?

Dewayne My favorite is leg extensions cause of the burn, (Laughing) so I do high reps. My least favorite is dead lifts cause my wrist always dislocate and there is always risk of lower back injuries because of all the extreme weight.

KRAVE FIT: What has been your favorite bodybuilding moment so far?

Dewayne:   In 2009, I had my first paying guest pose job and received a trophy for fame. I won middleweight and overall for Texas State Natural Championships NPC ( the first and only).  I also won middleweight and overall in the world championships for MuscleMania and Texas Championships for ABA. Went head to head in the NGA biggest Pro show they have with there best guy. That was a hell of a year!

KRAVE FIT: How many titles do you have exactly?

Dewayne 4x Natural Pro Cards and no one in Kansas City or Texas has ever done that! I have never lost a natural show in Texas or ever lost to a Texas competitor.  I also placed 3rd out of 18 and 5th out 0f 24 in world wide shows. (No one in Texas or Kansas City has ever done that either!) I have several other titles from Texas, but I don’t want to brag. (Laughing) For those that want some….. come and get some!!

KRAVE FIT: What are your tips for the beginner, intermediate and advanced bodybuilder?

Dewayne:  (Beginner) = If you believe you will achieve…May GOD bless.

(Intermediate) = Do your homework because every organization is different. You have to become a fan and student of the sport. It’s important to know what is going on at every show and the organizations you belong to.

(Pro) = Determine whether you are using this as a business or hobby….. know the difference. How serious are you? If you don’t understand that, call me and I may or may not charge you.

KRAVE FIT: Where do you stand on the use of steroids?

Dewayne: Steroids WOW! That’s funny……. I don’t’ knock what anyone does, it’s their preference. I got into promoting to give men and women a choice…..the natural way. (Which is the Dewayne Malone way!) I started lifting weights hard core at 10yrs old when I was dead broke in the streets of Kansas City. A 10yr old has no money or job and back in those days, steroids was not floating around in the streets of Wyandotte county. I have been accused of taking steroids since the age of 10, so now at 33…… I just laugh and say thanks! Damn, I look good…… so hold on to your girl! (Laughing)

KRAVE FIT: How do you feel about supplements?

DewayneHonestly, supplements supply you with the lack of nutrients you can’t consume by eating alone. Everyone needs supplements, just do your homework on them.

KRAVE FIT: Do you eat clean year round?

Dewayne Yes, I eat clean year round. I always follow a menu for 6 days and only allow one cheat day unless I’m 12 weeks out from a show.

KRAVE FIT: Can you tell us a bit about your on season, off season, diet, lifting and cardio routine?

Dewayne:  My season doesn’t change because in my world, there is just show-time and grow-time. The only difference is, I cut my cardio in half when I’m about 10 weeks out from the show.

KRAVE FIT: What’s your training advice for the world?

Dewayne Focus on you and only you! Only you can control what you do.  Be sure to treat each workout like it’s your last and focus on the burn! (Laughing)

KRAVE FIT: Give us 5 inside secrets about you! (Share as much as you want and make it as personal or funny as you want.)

Dewayne1. I am a  very funny person. (Most people think that I’m so serious because I don’t smile much, but I’m just the opposite.)

2. I love kids.

3. I only sleep about 3hrs a night.

4. I pick out pretty dresses for my girls.

5. I’m also a great cook. I like the burn. (Laughing)

KRAVE FIT: What are your future goals?

DewayneTo use BodyBuilding as a vehicle to drive to the next level like Arnold Schwarzenegger did, win both Pro shows in 2011 and make several muscle magazine covers.

KRAVE FIT: What are your upcoming events?

DewayneGalveston, TX  – May 20, 21 2011, “LONE STAR”

Houston, TX –  Nov 6, 2011, “SPACE CITY”

Fort Worth,  TX –  Oct 22 2011,  “TEXAS”

San Antonio, TX –  July 2011 (TBA), “ALAMO”

KRAVE FIT: Is there anything else you would like to say or share?

DewayneYes, I am a sex symbol.  I’m sexy as hell……… so world lookout because your baby mama will be looking at my art gallery website that is coming soon.

KRAVE FIT: Finish this sentence…I am KRAVE FIT

Dewayne: Because I KRAVE the opportunity to create a better physique every day. I eat/sleep fitness, then give it out because I know it will be shaken up and returned back to me.


Photography by Joe Label


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2 Responses to Everything Is BIG In Texas!

  1. Nick Del Toro says:

    That Malone cat is da sheit. I got mad respect for him and the intensity he brings to family, competition, and business. It’ll be a while before I can get on his level from a bodybuilding stand point, but my baby mama dont think hes hot.

  2. Ebony Malone says:

    This guy is hot he must be on your cover when will we see more of him

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