Scotty Lindsey…..Catch Him If You Can!

Scotty Lindsey has broken into the fitness modeling industry FAST!! The former football player is one of the faces for TKO Fitness Products, just released his 2011 Calendar, has a Fitness Video, an upcoming fitness spread in Krave Fit and has been on demand to shoot with many high profile fitness photographers. Mr. Lindsey reduced his speed for a second to answer some of our questions.

KRAVE FIT: How did you hear about Krave Fit? What was the process to get your upcoming fitness spread?

SCOTTY: Someone suggested that I go to this model call for this new fitness magazine that was getting ready to launch. The rest is history.

KRAVE FIT: Was the process easy?

SCOTTY: Not at all…..You guys can be tough. (Laughing)

KRAVE FIT: Your Krave Fit video promo (shout out) has become a fan favorite (especially with the ladies). Did you have a strategy before getting in front of the camera or were you just going through the motions?

SCOTTY: The thing about being a model in front of the camera is that you need to make each second count, so you better give something to stand out and spark interest.  So, I just added a little pectoral talk for the viewers.

KRAVE FIT: Strategy or not……it definitely worked, because inquiries about you have been non-stop.

SCOTTY: Yeah, I keep hearing that…..

KRAVE FIT: How does it feel to have this hype about your physique and modeling?

SCOTTY: It feels good to know people admire my physique because it is hard work and all NATURAL. “Be sure to capitalize natural.” (Laughing) As far as the modeling goes, I am just fortunate to have so many people that believe in me. My supporters are FANTASTIC and they really want me to achieve greatness in this industry.

KRAVE FIT: You were a football player before you were a fitness model. How do training for a competition or photo-shoot differs from football training?

SCOTTY: To be honest it’s all the same because both revolves around hard work. On the flip side, with modeling you are training to just preserve a nice looking physique and with football the objective is strength, power and quickness.

KRAVE FIT: When did you realize you wanted to be a fitness model?

SCOTTY: I have always been interested in modeling, but just didn’t have time because of my football career.

KRAVE FIT: You are currently one of the faces of TKO Fitness Products and received their 2010 “Model of the Year” award ……….. How does that feel?

SCOTTY: It feels great! I am very honored to be recognized by a company that has products that I honestly believe in and endorse.

KRAVE FIT: You haven’t been in the modeling game that long and your already receiving these outstanding accolades….Any advice you wanna give other aspiring fitness models?

SCOTTY: Study the craft! Educate yourself about the different aspects of fitness, media and photography. You have to have tough skin, confidence, humility, and consistency. No matter what……..Do not give up!!!!!

KRAVE FITWho and what keeps you inspired and motivated?

SCOTTY: Believe it are not, I constantly motivate myself and I will never cheat myself! There is always room for perfection…I will never settle. You have to always stay focused, determined and motivated to achieve greatness. No excuses, No exceptions!

KRAVE FIT: How many times a week do you train?

SCOTTY: Honestly, I can’t think of a time that I’m not training. I workout about 2 times a day 6 days a week.

KRAVE FIT: Do you have any favorite exercises?

SCOTTY: I enjoy anything that has to do with legs…..lunges, squats, etc.

KRAVE FIT: Some people honestly feel that fitness modeling looks easy. After being at a photo-shoot or competition for a few hours under the lights and in front of the camera, how does your body feel?

SCOTTY: That’s the most exhausting part. Getting prepared for a fitness shoot or competition is like walking and talking for me. But after being at a photo-shoot for hours with the lights beaming at  you, with no carbs in your body……you definitely become weak and drained….but the show must go on.

KRAVE FIT: From a physical perspective, what’s your favorite part of your body?

SCOTTY: I would say my chest and legs. I get compliments on both.

KRAVE FIT: I’m sure a lot of our readers are interested to hear any fitness tips that you are willing to share. What advice do you have for them?

SCOTTY: I call it D.O.R. The first rule is Discipline. You have to learn how to have self control. The second rule is Order. You must have some kind of structured outline you must follow each day to accomplish any goal you set out to obtain. And the last rule is Result. If you have discipline and order, results will come!

KRAVE FIT: What the most common mistake that you see people make in the gym?

SCOTTY: Doing exercises wrong!! Just because you see someone doing something…. don’t follow their lead and do it after them. Go ask for professional help because doing it wrong could lead to injury.

KRAVE FIT: What’s the thing that you look forward to the most when you’re preparing to compete in fitness competitions?

SCOTTY: The dieting is the number one thing that I look forward to. The dieting makes the difference in how your muscles develop and separate from each other. The leaner you are….. the more you will see your true physique. The transformation can be amazing!

KRAVE FIT: You’re also very involved with charity work, right? Tell us a little about it.

SCOTTY: Well, I have joined the fight against Breast Cancer. I recently lost my grandmother to Cancer so I started doing research on various Cancers to only find out that over 39,840 females die from Breast Cancer alone. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in our community. From Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Liver Cancer and list goes on. There are so many forms we can die from, so I just wanted to get involved in the movement of helping our doctors find a cure.

KRAVE FIT: So what did you decide to do?

SCOTTY: Proceeds from the 2011 Scotty Lindsey Calendar will be donated to help the fight against Breast Cancer. I also would like to thank Krave and Krave Fit for supporting me with this. To purchase…visit

KRAVE FIT: What’s next for you in terms of your career?

SCOTTY: More magazine & video features, fitness magazine covers, tv appearances, competitions and to lecture at more fitness seminars. The sky is the limited for me and I have just started to fly!

KRAVE FIT: Finish this sentence…I am KRAVE FIT

SCOTTY: Because in the world of fitness…..I am exactly who they KRAVE!


Photography by ColenMasa

Photography by Costas Stergiou

Photography by Eric Ganison




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