Get Ready….It’s CHRIS VILLA!

Welcome to the world of Chris Villa – at least the part that he has allowed KRAVE FIT to enter. It’s time to find out who and what is responsible for the cover model’s sculpted body that has the entire fitness industry in a frenzy!

KRAVE FIT: Let’s talk about shooting for your KRAVE FIT Cover. How was the experience? What do you remember most?

Chris: It was an unbelievable experience to even be granted the opportunity to shoot for a first issue of a fitness magazine, but to be on the cover and get a full feature spread was a dream come true!  Then on top of that…the spread and cover was photographed by my close friend and photographer…. the great Carlos Arias. It was definitely a great experience and fun photo-shoot.

KRAVE FIT: How have your expectations of yourself changed since you have started your modeling career?

Chris: OH MAN!! My expectations have increased to higher and maximum limits. I challenge myself by the second to be better than ever in this industry since having the opportunity to do so many things and be photographed by some elite photographers. I know there are more great opportunities out there that I want and will get!

KRAVE FIT: How do you prepare for a photo-shoot?

Chris: Once I know that I’m shooting for fitness, I diet down first by cutting carbs and increasing my cardio within that week. 3 days before the shoot, I prepare myself like bodybuilder would for a competition and I try to get as tight and lean as possible by water depleting all the excess water I have in my body. I also only eat asparagus, chicken and tilapia until the photo-shoot.

KRAVE FIT: Who are some of the photographers you have worked with?

Chris: I have been honored and blessed to work with some great photographers who are well known in the industry such as Carlos Arias, Carlos Peralta, Rick Day, Jason Jaskot, Luis Rafael and Max just to name a few.

KRAVE FIT: What should models look for in a photographer?

Chris: Actually what I’ve learned so far is that most Photographers expect for the model to be prepared, knowledgeable and ready! A few will tell the model what they want and will help the model anyway possible.

KRAVE FIT: What drives you in modeling?

Chris: Well, its something that I always thought about growing up and was always approached on from people. My Mother actually modeled before I was born so…. I guess it runs in the blood. (laughing)

KRAVE FIT: What kind of fitness program are you on? How often are you lifting?

Chris: I just do alot of weight training type programs and implement as much cardio as I can. I change my routines about every 6-9 weeks. I lift at least 5-6 times a week.

KRAVE FIT: Have you always been a strong guy? Do you remember how much you benched the first time you tried it?

Chris: I was actually always a pretty strong guy growing up. I guess, I have my parents to thank for that. (laughing) They literally use to have me carry loads of laundry, grocery bags especially the heavy ones that had like the gallon of milk in it and whatever else you can think of that was heavy like a sack of potatoes and rice. I remember always complaining to take a break walking to every corner of the street cause everything was about 10 blocks away. All I can remember my stepfather saying was “stop being a sissy…. you going to be a man today boy!”  I’m like, but I am only 8 years old man! (laughing) Oh and not to mention the times when my mother always made me help her move furniture and lift the couch so she can vacuum. Ohhhhhhh the memories….(laughing), If I remember correctly; I was either 15 or 16 when I grabbed my stepfather’s bench and weights and brought them in my room to bench like 125lbs, and press 25lb dumbbells.

KRAVE FIT: Gym rat or outdoors guy?

Chris: I’m definitely a gym rat, but I love to do outdoor activities when the weather permits.

KRAVE FIT: What does the future hold for Mr. Villa?

Chris: Oh mannnn!!!!!!! The future is now for me…. I want to achieve so much more, I want to be in more magazines, on more covers, in commercials, on billboards, get endorsements and even be in movies. Theres only so much you can do in the modeling world. So I’m already trying to weigh out my options in the industry and expand. I’m going to set up a few things this year like my website and even keep training people on the side. I’m also currently in the N.Y.P.D process. If all fails…you can’t go wrong with a government job. That is actually another passion of mine. We will see what GOD has in store for me, but I plan to be very successful so I can cater to my mother and give her all she deserves.

KRAVE FIT: We know that success is in your future, but is there a ultimate career goal?

Chris: I really haven’t figured out my ultimate goal because there are so many options, but I definitely want to be on an even higher level while also branding myself to the world!

KRAVE FIT: Who is your fitness role model?

Chris: There are a few…… but I have always followed Arnold Schwarzenegger.

KRAVE FIT: What are some gym DON’TS ?

Chris: Do NOT come to the gym and socialize while others are waiting on the machine that you suppose to be using! Also, do NOT make loud grunting noises while lifting little to nothing. Please do NOT look in the mirror and lift your shirt up after a sit-up as if your abs are gonna come right after the exercise is completed! (laughing)

KRAVE FIT: What advice would you give an aspiring fitness model?

Chris: Just don’t give up…. it’s a very competitive industry. There are times that I’m even like whoa, but it will pay off at the end. The same way you spend time in the gym to better yourself should be the same attitude towards the industry.

KRAVE FIT: Have you ever competed in any fitness competitions? If so, which one and how did you do?

Chris: No, but I may consider competing this year….. depends on how I feel.

KRAVE FIT: What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve seen as a minority model?

Chris: I actually see no challenges.

KRAVE FIT: You were once overweight, what motivated you to make a change?

Chris: When I started having certain health problems and noticing certain things. Especially when my mother called me fat (laughing) I said screw that….I’m going to better myself, change the game and do what I can to provide my mother with everything in the world!

KRAVE FIT: Finish this sentence……I am KRAVE FIT

Chris: Because I’m dedicated, determined and disciplined.

Photography By  Carlos Arias


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  1. FRED MARTINEZ says:

    how can i get or where i can buy a magazine of you KRYZ VILLA??

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