How To Get A Six Pack?

A toned, washboard stomach is something that is highly sought after by men and women alike but of course it does not come naturally. Many people do not have the time or the money to commit to going to the gym but that does not mean that you cannot have an enviable stomach. It can easily be achieved in the privacy of your own home without spending a fortune on equipment and it does not have to take up all of your time.

Lose the excess fat and eat well!

First things first, you need to target the areas of fat by doing some cardiovascular exercise. It does not matter how much you exercise if there is a layer of fat over your abdominals, your six pack will be unnoticeable. Examples of this would be; Running, jogging or cycling. Anything that gets your heart and blood pumping is good to not only lose weight but to stay healthy. It is important not to skip breakfast as what usually happens is you will end up eating a massive lunch due to not eating anything for hours on end which of course is guaranteed to make you pile on the pounds. You should try not to skip lunch either as again, you will end up eating a larger dinner and most people are usually not very active after dinner which will lead to weight gain. 3 sensible well balanced meals a day and if you must snack between meals, make them low fat ones.

Drink water

Make sure you keep your fluid intake up as quite often, thirst is mistaken for hunger. So when we feel hungry we are actually thirsty. Keeping our fluid levels up not only suppresses appetite so that we eat less which is good for weight control, it ensures optimum digestion, removes waste products from the body, helps to keep our skin glowing and complexion healthy and encourages our kidney to function properly which increases the efficiency of our liver’s fat burning capacities.

Build muscle

You do not need to shell out on expensive equipment to build muscle. Exercises you can do at home include, sit ups, crunches, leg lifts and using a stability ball that supports your back and body so that you can effectively perform these exercises without strain. You should carry out these exercises at least three times a week. If you do have some money to spend you can buy some dumbbells very affordably, the more muscle you have the more calories your body will burn. Lifting weights and doing some kind of resistance training is important to make sure you do not loss too much muscle mass while you are reducing your calorie intake. You need to try to do an even amount of cardiovascular and resistance training otherwise if you concentrate on sorely cardiovascular activities you may lose the muscle mass that you develop in your abs.



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