Be Active….Get Off That Couch!

Couch Potato: A person who spends much time sitting or lying down, usually watching television.

Here are a few suggestions to get your a** off that couch….Now!

Get a Dog

Okay, don’t get a dog because you want to lose weight or firm up or whatever it is your goal is. If you’re lazy, the dog won’t motivate you to go running with him—it’ll just tear your apartment to pieces because you’re still too lazy to take him running. The point is this: most people who already have dogs think they’re treating them fabulously—great food, great toys, a great backyard—but what they fail to realize is that dogs are domesticated wolves, and wolves don’t grow fat. If your dog chews up your running shoes (is that the excuse you’re using?), it’s not because his teeth itch, it’s because he’s bored. The best way to get a dog to behave, whether you’re a believer in Cesar Millan or not, is to exercise him. So don’t get a dog; just start treating your dog like a dog and take him out for a brisk walk or a run twice a day. You might think you don’t have time, but that’s just your tongue at work again. You can make time.

Play with Cards

All you need for this routine is a deck of cards and thirty minutes out of your day (maybe forty-five, if you include the shower afterward—you’ll need it if you do this right). Find an even surface to work out in. Think of four parts of your body that you want to work on—squats for your glutes and quads, push-ups for upper body, crunches, lunges, you get the picture—and assign one move for each of the four suits. Take the top card off the deck. Let’s say a six of clubs, and you’ve chosen squats for clubs. Do six squats and in quick succession go through the deck. The point is to not take breaks—it is thus both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Switch up the moves daily so you get a whole body workout throughout the week, and shoot for three to four workouts a week. Don’t do it every day, since your muscles need time to recover.

Play Games

Yes, soccer counts, but that’s an obvious choice. Exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise is the best, and sports are a fantastic way to accomplish that. For those of you no longer on varsity teams, however, here’s the alternative: if you’re a gamer—PS3, Xbox—do some exercises while gaming….not talking jumping jacks—you’ll never beat King Koopa that way. Something as simple as sitting on the edge of your couch and lifting both legs parallel to the ground for a few seconds at a time for even ten minutes counts as ab work, and if you’re standing, repetitive ankle lifts can do wonders for your calves. This works well on rainy days and, well, days you just don’t wanna.



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