November 2010

Nicole Negrin

Nicole Negrin is a Personal Trainer/Fitness and Bikini Model based in Houston, Texas. She is 5’3, 136lbs with a 24 inch waist. Nicole enjoys working out, cycling, hunting, dancing and cheering. She plans to compete on a national level next year. For more information:



About Krave Fit Magazine

Krave Fit Magazine : The Blog will serve as the online, in your face, health and fitness support/advertisement system for the actual print version of Krave Fit Magazine. This blog will provide behind the scenes photos/videos from our shoots, information on fitness, workouts, weight loss, health, nutrition, muscle building, etc. It will be the quick fix for hard working men and women—the kind of people who take fantastic care of their bodies…while they wait for the next printed edition of Krave Fit Magazine.
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  1. Nicole is such a beautiful and sweet person. Great choice for physique of the month.

  2. Alyzabeth M. says:

    I have known Nicole my whole life, and for as long as I can remember, she has always been a motivated, caring person who completely dedicates herself to her goals, and helping other reach their highest aspirations. Simply stated, she’s beautiful inside and out, and thats rare. You couldn’t have picked a more deserving person. Her fitness company NSPIRED FITNESS is completely that. N-Spiring. She committs herself to helping other people such as myself attain their ideal weight as well as health…If you are preparing for an upcoming event or wedding like I am, Ladies, Nicole is your girl, fitness plans, meal plans, and motivational quotes, she’s a must.

  3. Brittany says:

    Definately an inspiring young women and someone that i have looked up to! Keep of the great work! you look beautiful!

  4. Nestor says:

    Congrats nikki keep it up sweetheart

  5. Kathleen says:

    Awesome pics Nikki! Congratualtions, keep moving forward!

  6. Nicole is definitely deserving of this feature spread. Good pic 😉 She’s a hard worker and focused on not only her own goals but those of her clients.

  7. kes-art says:

    look at naughty nikki lightin up the interwebs with her sexy physique hmmm we gotta work on sum stuff homey… keep up the great work hun.

  8. April Roundtree says:

    Looking great as always chica! Congrats! I’ll have to use this as the place to promote how great of a personal trainer Nicole is. She was able to push me past all of the limits I placed on myself and helped me achieve the one thing that I never thought I could – my first figure competition! She stood by my side the entire time, and not just in the gym, but every step of the way – even throughout the day of my competition. I am so thankful to have her in my life, and please if you are ever looking for a personal trainer who can guide you to achieving your goals – Nicole and Nspried Fitness is the place to go. And Nicole this one’s for you – “LET’S DO THIS THING!!”

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