Sexiest Parts Of A Woman’s Body!

God has done well by blessing us with such a magnificent creature, from their seductive eyes to their overall sexy figure, women can drive us crazy with just one look. We all have our favorite parts to a woman’s body. These are the most mentioned favorites below, ranked by ability to attract. (If  something is missed, add your contribution in the comment section below.)


A woman’s eyes are by far the sexiest and most seductive party of a woman’s body. A study by UCLA suggests, 93 percent of communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal cues and women have this down to an art. She can effortlessly tell you what she wants or desires by one single look, and this is hot. If you actually pay attention to women, then you’d know that this is how they usually cue you to come talk to them.


When a woman has sexy full lips, most will wonder……how good she is in bed. The sexy eyes and lips combo is enough to drive a person insane. If she’s a sizzling kisser, then you’re really in trouble.


When a woman has a nice round firm full a**, there is not much more to say, most just want to grab/taste it (especially men of color). A beautiful set of buns, whether she is wearing tight jeans, at the beach, or working out on the elliptical at the gym, it just gets attention while wondering what it’d be like to be behind her in bed.


A nice set of real/firm breasts definitely put minds in the gutter. Some would put this higher on the list, but it really depends on if the person is a a** fanatic.


Most women say they love when guys have six pack abs, but honestly, there is nothing hotter than a toned mid-section on a woman. When you can tell she is fit, it’s assumed she’s probably good in bed.


There’s nothing better then a good set of pearly whites and maybe a dimple or two. If a girl has a beautiful smile, then this just magnifies her already scorching hotness.


Long athletic looking legs usually go inheritably with a nice a**. Most will wonder ….how long does it take to get up those long set of legs.


Everyone has their own “type,” but most prefer when a woman has long straight hair, It makes you think about being in bed behind her, pulling it and slapping her a**.

Overall Figure and Face

Most would agree that a woman’s face is the most important contribution to her sexiness. After all, the body may change with age and wear…but that face is pretty much forever. A woman’s confidence can either make or break her. If a woman’s in average shape, but she exudes confidence, then this just makes her look sexier.




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2 Responses to Sexiest Parts Of A Woman’s Body!

  1. i truly agree with ur point of view, think its ok!

  2. najam hassan advocate says:

    good realy eyes are most dexiet part of a women body

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