Male Gym Shower Etiquette

It has become obvious that many men do not understand gym shower etiquette. Believe it or not there are some simple unspoken rules you should follow in the gym shower…

  • Do not shave with a razor blade in a public, open shower. You may drop the blade and someone else could step on it. Shave at the sink.
  • Do not pee in the shower. This is just plain gross. Pee is for a urinal, not the shower. Also, don’t think just because you’re in a private shower it’s acceptable – it’s not!
  • Do not brush your teeth in the shower – do this at the sink.
  • Do not use bars of soap – use a liquid shower gel, like Axe Shower Gel . Bars of soap are antiquated and are dangerous – they can be accidentally dropped and someone can slip on the bar.
  • Do not leave your used razor blade on the floor of a shower…this is gross and dangerous. Again, shave at the sink…not in the shower.
  • If there are a number of open shower heads, do not take the one right next to someone else. Take the one furthest away. The shower is to clean yourself, not socialize.
  • Do not socialize in the shower.
  • Do not loiter in the shower – clean up and get out of there.
  • Do not moan or make “aww” sounds – you’re not in a soap commercial.
  • Do not sing or whistle in the shower – this is creepy and most guys don’t want to hear another guy singing or whistling in a public shower. It doesn’t matter how great a singer or whistler you are either.
  • Do not look at another guy’s private parts in a shower. Only look in the eyes, if you happen to make contact. Also, if you happen to be across from someone in the shower, try to avoid facing the same direction – if the person across from you is facing you, turn the other way and wash the other side of you.
  • If the shower is an open, public shower, do not bend over to pick up something – this is gross and suggestive. A quick squat to retrieve the dropped item is preferred.
  • Don’t take a marathon shower if people are waiting. With the exception of sweat, what you take into the shower should come out with you when you leave. Make sure that you remove all your shower supplies and that little pile of your hair from the drain.
  • Whenever possible…..Try to wear shower shoes. It’s for your own protection.

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