Exercise Tips For Firm And Bigger Breasts!

Many women who hit the gym have a secret goal they don’t normally tell you. Alot of women want to know the type of exercises required to add a little bit of mass and strength to their chest, in hopes of preventing gravity from taking it’s course on their breast.

A weak back and tight chest muscles can result in poor posture in women. An improved posture, however would create the illusion of a firmer and bigger chest. But whatever the reason, it is quite easy to exercise the chest to achieve this.

Well, to save you women from the embarrassment of having to ask that question, here are a few pointers that may prove to be useful. Basically, any chest exercise will help, but women may want to consider the following for a more ‘uplifting’ result:

1. The most popular mass builder is the bench press. The machine chest press works fine too, but free weights do have their advantages in terms of adding variety to a dull routin and effectiveness, especially if you’ve been dependant on machines for too long. As intimidating as it may look, this is not a ‘men-only’ exercise. Try the bench press with either barbells or dumbbells.

2. Ensure you also include inclined presses into your chest workout. If you’re female, inclines help to keep your chest up and if you’re male – it will keep you from looking like you have man boobs!

3. Try the Butterfly:
– Lay on the bench/floor/flat ground and hold the weights to your side in your hands when you lay down.
– Now, lift the weights as if you’re trying to meet your hands over top of your chest (imagine you’re hugging a tree trunk, which means don’t bend your elbows too much)
– Hold the peak contraction at the top for a few seconds then return to the start position fully in control of the weights, and repeat.

Be persistent, train hard, keep your diet in check and the results will show.



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