Unleash The He-Man Within You!

Most people would say that appearance doesn’t matter. It’s the character of the man that makes the man. Even though we want to believe this, it just doesn’t happen this way in most of the world.

The frail thin small guy doesn’t get the breaks. We have that preconceived notion about the small frail types despite their merits. We often overlook their skills and intelligence as we equate being thin and small to being weak. We don’t do this consciously, but our basic human nature tend to sway our judgment towards leaning away from thin small guys.

It’s superficial really, but it does happen that way. In million dollar deals, salesmen who are skilled and talented but are physically unfit are overlooked in favor of physically fit but inferior in terms of skills and talent.

So, for all the skinny fellas out there, we are about to help you unleash the He-Man within you. Get yourself into a bulk and you’ll start to realize how opportunities seem to just gravitate towards you. Add that to your already talented self, then success would be a guarantee. Being Prince Adam don’t get the breaks (unless you are a heir to a fortune), but luckily it’s not that hard to unleash the He-Man within you.

There are really just two principles you should know to build bulk and have a better body.

The first one is the body’s ability to adapt to physical load and strain. Simply put, if we do something regularly, we become more effective and efficient in doing it over time.

The second principle is an equation. Calories in less calories out equates to caloric balance.

Our body adapts to physical load and strain. That means if you lift weights at a certain level regularly, eventually your body would adjust and you’ll feel that it’s easier to lift the same weight and you can do more repetitions. Your body is adjusting and it’s becoming stronger. At this point, you should increase the weight of the load you are lifting.

But that’s only half of the equation. As you lift heavier weights, the amount of work you are doing also increases, which means more fat is being burned. That is where principle two comes in. As you are burning more fuel, you should be replenishing with more nutrients. So as your workload increase, you should also eat a lot more than you are used to.

Working out without paying attention to proper nutrition is like building a castle without any cement or bricks.

In weight building programs, nutrition accounts for 90% of your success. So make it a point that you purposely increase your food intake every week while also gradually increasing your workload via constantly increasing the amount of weight you lift.

And there you have it, these are really simple principles and just takes common sense. Sometimes though, we get engrossed with the latest programs and newest fads that we forget the principles and the basics that actually work. Regardless of how you do your workout routine, always adhere to these principles and it’s impossible for you to not to become the He-Man with in you.



About Krave Fit Magazine

Krave Fit Magazine : The Blog will serve as the online, in your face, health and fitness support/advertisement system for the actual print version of Krave Fit Magazine. This blog will provide behind the scenes photos/videos from our shoots, information on fitness, workouts, weight loss, health, nutrition, muscle building, etc. It will be the quick fix for hard working men and women—the kind of people who take fantastic care of their bodies…while they wait for the next printed edition of Krave Fit Magazine.
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