The Plie Squat

In order to activate your inner thighs (adductor muscle) which do not receive much attention, you can try plie squat (Plié squat). Plie squat is a bit like squat done by those sumo before they wrestle but the movement is more similar with ballet move. In addition to inner thighs, plie squat also simultaneously works your glutes (butt) and quadriceps (front thighs).


  1. Stand with your feet 2 to 4 inches wider than your shoulders. Turn out your toes and knees comfortably at about 45 degrees angle. Your knees will need to stay aligned with your toes, so don’t go out too far.
  2. Keep your back straight. You can keep your hands at your waist to help balancing.
  3. Bend your knees, lowering your hips without rotating your body forward or backward, into a squat. Lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  4. Hold for few seconds at this position. Keep your abs contracted and your chest up.
  5. Then, slowly raise up by straighten your legs.


  • You may add weight to this exercise for an advanced challenge. You can either hold a dumbbell in each hand and place them on your upper thighs, or hold a single dumbbell or barbell plate with one hand in front of your body. Alternatively, you can do this with a barbell on your back.
  • You can also hold a medicine ball to work both your upper and lower body.




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