Abs That We KRAVE….

Trish Houston

Photography By SketchMediaGroup


About Krave Fit Magazine

Krave Fit Magazine : The Blog will serve as the online, in your face, health and fitness support/advertisement system for the actual print version of Krave Fit Magazine. This blog will provide behind the scenes photos/videos from our shoots, information on fitness, workouts, weight loss, health, nutrition, muscle building, etc. It will be the quick fix for hard working men and women—the kind of people who take fantastic care of their bodies…while they wait for the next printed edition of Krave Fit Magazine.
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2 Responses to Abs That We KRAVE….

  1. Trish Houston says:

    Nice abs!

  2. There’s no big secret to getting and keeping a 6 pack. Mine was created in a couple of months from doing simple ab routines which included a combination of various forms of crunches and situps. Granted, I made sure that each set was a burn out set allowing myself to stretch my core in between sets. I also altered by diet once I became familiar with how my diet processed foods. The biggest challenge for me was learning how to properly breathe. Many people take this for granted. Breathing alone is a great exercise if done correctly. This plus cardio and the proper amount of rest has me with some of the best consistent abs in the world 11 years strong.

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