Vitamins For Muscle Gain

Check out the major vitamins and how they will work as ONE of your supplements for muscle gain….

Vitamin A: Is critical to protein synthesis, the process wherein single amino acids combine to create new muscle tissue in the body. It also works to create glycogen, the stored form of carbohydrates.

Vitamin B1 – Also known as “thiamine” and is heavily involved in protein metabolism as well as the production of hemoglobin which helps to carry oxygen around the body.

Vitamin B2: This vitamin helps burn fat and enables the body to get energy from carbs; it is also known as “riboflavin.”.

Vitamin B3: Thanks to its ability to increase vasodilation inside the muscle tissue, this vitamin (aka “niacin”) makes you look fuller and more vascular.

Vitamin B6: Known also as “pyridoxine,” this vitamin is good for protein digestion. Since diets that are structured around muscle-building require larger than normal amounts of protein, your body has to be able to handle it by getting enough vitamin B6.

Vitamin B12: This particular vitamin makes certain that the brain and muscle tissue are working as a team so that you can achieve maximum muscle growth and coordination; it is also known as “cobalamin.”.

Biotin: If you need more energy during workouts, it’s coming from this vitamin as it metabolizes amino acids.

Vitamin C: Plays a big part in amino acid metabolism and the formation of collagen. Healthy and firm joints come from the collagen within the connective tissue. Not only that, vitamin C helps with the production of steroid hormones and enhances iron absorption. Moreover, vitamin C is also a hugely powerful antioxidant that helps to wash out free radicals from your system, thereby preventing cellular damage.

Vitamin D: The efficiency with which the body absorbs calcium and phosphorus is improved with vitamin D. Calcium is essential for muscle contractions and also promotes strong joints and bones. Phosphorus helps with the synthesis of ATP, which is how the body stores usable energy.

Vitamin E: It plays a major role in hunting out and neutralizing free radicals within the body and is a very powerful antioxidant. As your body produces many natural metabolic waste products, it’s important to have an agent to flush them out to maintain your cell membrane health, and this vitamin serves that function.

It’s pretty clear that vitamins are very important supplements for muscle gain.


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One Response to Vitamins For Muscle Gain

  1. Bob Huebner says:

    It is essential that both vitamins and amino acids are balanced especially for very active athletes in order to maintain the positive effects of their continued workouts. A proper balance of 70% protein and 30% carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates, must be maintained in order to achieve maximum results. If not the amino acids may cancel themselves out and the results will not be as long lasting from the workouts as anticipated. In addition the relationshipbetween certain vitamins to specific minerals is also essential to maintain proper balance as well.

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